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pumping a tankSeptic tank pumping and cleaning: not a glamour job, but one that has to be done, and done well.

There are some very important septic system services that you can't overlook, and of course, that starts with cleaning.

To make the process go smoothly, it's best that that you know where your tank is located, and that you can tell when your system needs cleaning.

There are two main parts to a septic system: the tank where the solid waste is broken down and stored, and the distribution box where the fluid waste gathers and then disperses into the drainfield, or leachfield.

Waste Buildup

The solid wastes build up and must be pumped out periodically. How often?

Opening a septic tank for cleaning depends on how many people are using the system, and if you are careful about what goes down the toilet (toilet paper only, no baby wipes, paper towels, etc). As most parents can attest, kids sometimes drop toys into the toilet and attempt to flush them. If you think that has happened in your home, you need to call a pro to check the system. Even a small plastic toy can be the start of a very nasty clog.

You can keep your system running more smoothly between cleanings by adding an enzyme treatment, such as Rid X, every few months, to help break down the solids.

Expect to need your system pumped at least once a year to keep the tank empty enough to hold the solids. Bolivar Sewer & Septic will be there when you need us!

Septic Tank Maintenance

But why wait for septic system services until you've got a problem on your hands?

A maintenance plan means you don't have to fear an emergency, because your tank is being emptied on a schedule. We also inspect the tank for any cracks or other concerns while we're there.

We perform residential septic tank maintenance and commercial septic tank maintenance in Bolivar, of course, as well as surrounding communities.